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1. Call Our Team at New-Flash

Call us to discuss your needs and timeline(s). If you decide to team with New-Flash, we will set you up with an account including FTP access.

2. Organize Your Photos

New-Flash has developed processes for you to organize your photos. First, make a checklist for your photographer and have them snap photos of all of your senior athletes. Second, make a Word document with the correct name spellings, jersey numbers and any noteworthy accomplishments.Third, organize your photos into a folder for each sport and be sure to include the word document. Fourth, simply login to our FTP account, upload your photos, and email and/or call us to confirm the upload! That's it!

New-Flash's 3 Step Process is Easy, Fun and Rewarding

One of our goals at New-Flash is to make your life easy. We have been student athletes and many on our team have worked in athletic departments. We know the hectic schedule you are on and want you to know that our goal is to Keep It Simple. All you have to do is set up an account, organize and upload your photos and wait for your finished awards.

Please feel free to call us with any questions, you will be pleasantly surprised with our motivated, professional and friendly team.

3. Enjoy the Awe and Astonishment of your Student Athletes

Sit back and admire your student athletes as they marvel at their athletic career. You think we are kidding when we say it, but many student's actually cry when they see them. Athletics are a powerful and ephemeral part of one's life. Athletics builds character, leadership, decision making, teamwork and many more attributes that lead one to success in life. By teaming up, we can bring the athletic experience to your athlete every time they look at their award.

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